Our Star people are your local people:  It is now commonly accepted that Australia is experiencing a major candidate shortage in the job market pool. In years gone by, like most other Recruitment Companies or Businesses advertising for candidates, we have used all the traditional advertising methods; Newspapers, internet job boards and body shopping (Head hunting)

None of these traditional methods have been as successful as our Star people concept.

Over a period of time, the jobs that we have advertised on the big internet job boards attracted well over 3000 candidate applications.  From 3000 online applications, only 26 people met the criteria needed to be short listed, and move to the next stage.

We recognise that the traditional recruitment methods do not work effectively in a severe candidate shortage market,  this is because the big internet job boards cast such a wide net that they pull in hundreds of candidates that are not always in country, in city, suburb specific, or skill set experienced ready to start next week in your local Business. 

Recruitme™ realises that the candidate shortage is not going to improve in the near future. This shortage has now become the single biggest problem for the Recruitment industry and local company recruitment as well.

With this in mind, we developed a concept that could recruit people from the suburbs, local people. After all that's where 85% of the available star candidates are domiciled.

Recruitme™ Localpeople Localjobs online concept has been trademarked and copyrighted internationally, 

Recruitme™ is online, not just advertising our localjobs, but also promoting our Localpeople, our Star candidates, revolutionising "reverse marketing of candidates." 

Our Star candidates promote themselves online using our online Star profile concept.  Promoting their skills and experience to the hundreds of prospective employers that scroll through the list every day. 

Our local people, our Star people have online access from any PC anywhere to manage their career path Star profile, selling themselves to local businesses in the suburbs where they live.

Our objective is to provide an effective online platform for local people to access localjobs....and Localjobs to access localpeople.

Your business can access our local people by advertising your local job on the Recruitme™ job board.

To maintain the integrity and credibility of our Star jobs, we only display up to 20 jobs at any one time. The big fish in a small pond theory and it works extremely well.

Recruitme™ is in the suburbs recruiting your next employee, the local people.

Recruitme™ is a wholly owned local business.

Recruitme™ utilises the success of our candidate direct marketing concept to reach into the suburbs using our time proven reverse marketing concept to attract the local people, the star people seeking local jobs.