Earn Good Money, Work Big Hours, Learn New Skills.

I currently have several openings for experienced Passive Fire Installers for long term work on commercial projects around Auckland. If you have the right experience and a good attitude you will be able to earn a top hourly rate while you work up to 60 hours a week.

This role may also suit people who have experience as a hammer hand or in a similar role where you are familiar with working on a commercial construction site, confident using basic power tools and know how to measure and cut materials.

If you have the right attitude the rest can be taught.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Previous experience and/or knowledge of passive fire systems is an advantage.
  • Experience installing fire collars, wraps, sealant and plasterboard patches is an advantage.
  • Experience on a commercial construction site.
  • Able to use basic building tools and carry out basic building tasks
  • Able to read basic plans.
  • Be able to follow prescribed installation systems and keep accurate records of work.
  • Be physically mobile as work often requires the use of a ladder and at times can be in areas with restricted access.
  • Already based in New Zealand
  • Able to provide two contactable references