Kiwibots are future-proofing NZ by providing opportunities that grow the capability of our future innovators and creative thinkers.
In 2009, the NZ Robotics Charitable Trust (Kiwibots) was set up to facilitate events and programmes that immerse young New Zealanders in robotics, all while encouraging teamwork, collaboration, hands-on experiences and world-class technical education.

We are growing ? and quickly. Increases in volunteers, events, workshops, and more schools with a variety of robotics platforms means we need the help of someone who is excited about STEM engagement and wants to be part of our success story.


This role is designed to be flexible and remote to fit alongside someone?s lifestyle, whether they are caring for family, managing other part time work, returning to the workforce, or simply wish to pick up a line of work that aligns with their values that isn?t full-time. As well as being flexible and remote, this role has the opportunity to become permanent for the right candidate.

Key Responsibilities

In this role as Business Support Coordinator, you will be working alongside the National Manager to support the Regional Coordinators (RCs) and manage relationships with a variety of schools, businesses and independent groups. Outside of this, you will be supporting the ongoing success of our existing business projects and new programmes that we build. Note we require all staff, RCs and key volunteers of Kiwibots to be NZ Police vetted.

1. Managing customer relationships
We need our Business Support Coordinator to effectively manage the relationships we have with teachers, parents, and schools so that the Kiwibots community are provided continuous support.
You will also be responsible for managing new relationships as teams start with Kiwibots and onboarding new volunteers. Experience in customer service, consulting or sales industries is attractive.

2. Data Administration
Alongside the National Manager, you will help with the gathering and administration of data to use in reports, external communications. Some of these tasks include updating reports with current engagement metrics, filing of reports, minutes, updating of customer information and data entry.

3. Fulfil role of Secretary for Board meetings
Our Board of Trustees meet each quarter and this role will be the Secretary for these meetings.

4. Assist with events and projects
This role will be able to assist where possible on our events and projects to ensure the programme continues to be a success. The nature of some of this extra assistance may mean that time is of the essence, so someone who is happy to pick up a phone and do some calls and problem solving would be a fantastic fit!

5. Attend regular meetings with Kiwibots team
Team meetings with all the RCs of NZ and the National Manager take place approximately once a month through video conference. 

6. Support the National Manager
As a growing organisation, we move quickly and have lots of things on the go at any given time. Parts of this role will be assisting (where appropriate) the National Manager with administration to catch things that otherwise may slip through the cracks.

7. Demonstrate our values as ambassadors of Kiwibots
As a representative of Kiwibots, you?ll be building many great relationships with the people you engage with. In everything we do that represents our brand, we are:

-  Kind ? we act with kindness and understanding, making sure people feel valued and heard

-  Responsible ? we own our mistakes and look for ways to learn and improve

-  Effective ? we action our tasks and do it well

-  Honest ? we are transparent in communication

-  Respectful ? we value the views of each person we work with and the contexts that surround every person, project, and engagement

-  Enthusiastic ? as a volunteer organisation, we are all here for the love of it, and we want to exude that energy and passion with everyone we encounter

-  Role models ? we showcase that STEM and robotics is for everybody, breaking down barriers of fear, finding pockets where we can improve accessibility, encouraging collaboration, and always act professionally.

Apply Now

So what are you waiting for - if the above sounds like you, please email National Manager, Janet Van on [email protected] with your application. Perhaps you have other skills like accounting knowledge, market research, graphic design or something we haven?t thought of ? please get in touch to let us know! We are open to modifying this role to fit the right candidate and can?t wait to hear from you.