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The one and only time of year to change your job, Get in now or you will definitely miss out, Outrageous salaries on offer.

So it's that wonderful time of year where recruiters like meconvince you that you need to make a career change, and that this is THE BESTtime to do it.

Don't miss out!

Beat the rush!

Sale must end January 10th!

There may not be anything left to build by February!

In reality, you can do this 365 days a year. Our construction market conditions are not declining to any great extent any time soon.

Maybe you just needed a holiday to refresh and reset the clock. Maybe now is not the time to be making career decisions. Maybe you're thinking employers are in summer hibernation.

Well, here's some things we can tell you about the market for job opportunities (purely from our significantly biased, pro-resignation point of view)...

1 - The usual seasonal decline in awarding of new projects/the strength of confirmed workload for employers in construction and developmentisn't as significant this year - employers want momentum.

2 - Enquiry rates and the demand onthose in pre-construction (development management, strategy/feasibility, design, consulting project management) has remained relatively high.

3 - Awarding of several major projects has increased prospects with major contractors.

4 - Item 3has created a vacuum within which more opportunities are open to the contractors in the second tier who are executing medium-large scale projects.

5 - Acquisitions and re-structures are creating new opportunities within some key industry players.

6 - Appetite for hiring in the immediate pre-holiday period and for early new year is just as strong as any other peak period of the year.

You're obviously looking at job advertisements because you're either curious, you're mildly dissatisfied in your current role, you're concerned about your job security, you're actively seeking change, or you'redesperately unemployed. If you don't fall into any of those categories, put down your phone/get off your computer and go enjoy your holidays.

If you do fall into any of those categories and areready for change, we've got REAL prospects you can consider, or we can steer you toward a career strategy that will create some wins. If you're unsure about making a change, how good the opportunities available at present really are, or simply wanting to work out whether your current role and prospects are as good as they could be - talk to us. At present we have employers in active hiring mode for rolesin:

  • Consulting Project Management
  • Construction Project Management
  • Quantity Surveying and Estimation
  • Site Manager & Supervisory

Vulcan is a recruitment firm with significant and proven experience in connecting construction industry professionals with relevant and rewarding career opportunities for more than 13 years. We are true industry partners whose relationships with key employers are strong, and who can represent you at the very best level.

To discuss your career, your ambitions and for detail on current opportunities and other upcoming prospects we are tracking,contact our construction industry expert, Ryan Mahalm, on:

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